Autoimmune Issues
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Allergies can affect all breeds of dogs, including mixed breeds.

Food Allergies

CLAD is a rare but hereditary immune system disorder that causes death in puppies, usually from multiple infections. It is mainly known in Irish setters in Europe but was found in one litter in the United States. The bloodline from that litter is not in any current pedigrees. A test is available that identifies dogs who are free of the recessive gene that carries CLAD.

Optigen CLAD Description & Testing Info
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Hypothyroidism is relatively common in Irish setters. Symptoms may include lethargy, weight gain, and poor coat quality. The condition usual responds well to treatment with thyroid hormone. Proper diagnosis of low thyroid activity requires a thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) response test in addition to the standard T4 test.

OFA General Thyroid Information
OFA Thyroid Procedures
OFA Veterinarian Instructions For Testing
OFA Application For Thyroid Database (.pdf Format)
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OFA Thyroid Statisitics
Dr. Jean Dodds - Thyroid Disease & Autoimmune Thyroiditis
Michigan State University Thyroid Statisitic
Dr. Becker Interviews Dr. Jean Dodds part one (video)
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