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Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease where pain and stiffness develop as a result of wear and tear to the joints involved.Hips, knees, and elbows are the most susceptible joints. In certain breeds, abnormal wear can start early in life. This may be the result of an injury or an inherited condition.

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Glucosamine and Chondroitin Supplements

Hip dysplasia, a malformation of the hip joint, is somewhat common in Irish setters. All breeding stock should be radiographically cleared of hip dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals or an equivalent national orthopedic registry before being bred.

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X-Rays and Description
The Art of Reading Hip X-Rays

HOD afflicts some Irish setter puppies (primarily between four and eight months of age) and is sometimes fatal. Symptoms can include fever, lethargy, swelling of joints, and lameness. Many veterinarians are not experienced in diagnosing and treating this condition, so it is important that puppy owners be aware of HOD's existence. Oversupplementation of puppies and high levels of protein in puppies' diets have been linked to the development of this condition

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Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy
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OCD is  a joint diseases which involves abnormal cartilage and/or bone development. OCD can affect the shoulders, elbows or knees. Osteoarthritis will eventually occur if this condition is not taken care of aggressively.

OFA Website Elbow Dysplasia Information
OFA Website Elbow Grading
OFA Website Test Application (.pdf Format)
X-Rays, Description, & Surgery

Elderly Irish setters often develop spondylosis, an arthritic condition of the vertebrae that decreases mobility. It tends to cause stiffness and loss of flexibility, but because it shows up dramatically in x-rays of many older, large dogs, unrelated symptoms may be attributed to it.

Fred Lanting Article
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